laura schweiger

cycle care—

packaging design
art direction
web design

‘Cycle care’ was born as the result of my independent research project investigating the patronising design of menstrual products.

The visual language surrounding us has a huge impact on how we perceive things. because we use objects to communicate status, intentions and culture, to define and express our own personalities, the visual language of these objects affect our lives profoundly. they are both a reflection of our society’s values and a defining influence on them. this is why menstrual products are significant in affirming and constructing a certain ideology of womanhood.

Drawing inspiration from precedents and works from various design disciplines and building upon the ideas of Kenya Hara, Jasper Morrison, Dieter Rams and Naoto Fukasawa, i approached the design of ‘cycle care’ with a focus on the essential and an appreciation of the quotidian.

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