laura schweiger

Laura is a insert creative metropolis hereMelbourne based communication designer with a love for insert type of project she wants to work on nextbrand identity + strategy, digital design and work that she actually has experience inprint + packaging. She likes to craft insert unexpectedly clever adjectiveconscious + thoughtful experiences.
In her free time, Laura loves insert hobbies that make her likeablebooks, geeky things, food (in that order).

Laura specializes in print, digital and strategic design post-rationalising.
Despite her deeply rooted cynisism she actually believes design can make a difference.

Laura is a communication designer based in Melbourne. She fosters a love for conscious and attentive design. She is interested in brand identity and strategy, and print and packaging.
In her free time, Laura enjoys books, geeky things, and food (in that order).

Laura also recommends checking out this page on desktop.


strategy + branding
packaging design
print + publishing
web design


2016—18 Masters of Communication Design RMIT University Melbourne

2009—13 Bachelor of Print + Publishing, Stuttgart Hochschule für Medien


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