laura schweiger

love letters—

data visualisation

printed on risograph
on 90 gsm envirocare
and 90 gsm kaskad

Between december 2014 and january 2016 i've been in a long distance relationship. love letters documents this time and how we managed to stay connected despite being that far apart.

Love letters is based on the data gathered from the messages we exchanged over the course of 12 months. it shows not only the times, dates and amount of messages, but looks at them across the whole year with regard to travels, as well as the content of the messages.

Most data visualisations are made for online use, because it allows for the data to be explored in an interactive way or be animated. love letters focuses on how to create an analogue experience and tell a story, not only through data visualisation but also through the use of physical, tangible matter and how we interact with it.

Love letters is playing with the notion of intimate messages, privacy and the experience of uncovering something precious.